2015 Summary

Littlest TOTZ - A happy soul
Littlest TOTZ
Zachary O'Donnell - An amazing brain. Different is Brilliant
Zachary – An amazing brain. Different is Brilliant

Well 2016 is running away with me and I am realising that life has been so busy I have not posted a Blog article for simply ages. How does time fly that fast. Well my eldest is entering his last two years at Primary and now we have his official ASD diagnosis I am officially an Autism Mum and ASD Advocate. That feels good. It feels good to be able to be bold & celebrate that being different is brilliant. The smallest TOTZ family member has just had her 4th birthday and I realised reading about Olivia Grace & her cat Thula this week that my son’s cat is his sister. She is the one who has helped him do things he might not otherwise choose to do. She is his comfort and strength and support at all sorts of interesting times.

So where did 2015 go. Well there were days out and a couple of holidays and a family wedding plus tons and tons of sewing. We visited Castles, Stately Homes, walked hills and mountains, discovered Geocaches galore, went on trains and aeroplanes and finally even visited Mickey Mouse. Phewwwwww…. I shall do a roll call of sewing projects but suffice to say that inbetween all that school, preschool, mummy stuff we discovered how precious life is and we lived it as well as possible. I discovered how fragile your health can be and that mummy really really sometimes has to put her own health & wellbeing on the list of important things too. That hasn’t been easy these last few years and that’s fine. I discovered a less selfish me when I had children and I think I became a better person because of that. But maybe sometimes a little bit of selfish time is needed too & you shouldn’t feel guilty for that. I realised I don’t always have to be rushing about in fact sometimes just doing nothing is not a bad thing at all.

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