2017 Wrapped up !

Well 2017 is almost over and what a rollercoaster.

Some of the most amazing times along with some challenges too.

Our family business, The Smart Actuator Company www.smartact.co.uk  won National Family Business of 2017 along with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

We lost Uncle Bill who we miss every day. Both kids started new schools & are doing amazing.

We hosted a Charity Ball which was incredible and raised a decent amount of money for two awesome charities.

My social life picked up with lots of business events and lots of charity & social nights so there have been a lot of posh frocks this year which always makes a girl smile. Some of those nights out have been a terrific laugh with some of my favourite people.

I’ve made some amazing memories and had some news which will make 2018 another year of challenges. But I am strong, amazing and look at some of the incredible people I have around me.

Thank you to all my friends & family. You are amazing. Here’s to 2017 and bring on 2018 !!!

Next new years story will be a doozy!! Fighting Cancer certainly wasn’t on my list of things to do but I will face it with my usual positivity. I know it won’t be easy but I also know I have a ton of people as my support network who will help me through. Bring it on !! & Bring cake !!

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