27th Jan – Day 4 Spots, Shakes & amazing people.

PInk Hair don't careChemo Day 4 morning.
Considering I feel slightly less ace this morning I decided to be completely narcissistic and love the pink hair while it’s there !!!
I won’t look back and cry.
I will look back and see part of the journey.
There will be other haircuts and other colours and when it goes I will still rock.
It will grow back and I shan’t dwell.
I will fight.
I will get up.
I will sieze the day.
I will sink into a warm bath if that’s what’s needed.
I will smile.
I will cry.
I will scream and shout.
I will be kind.
I will be bright and bold.
I will laugh as much as possible.
When I feel less like this I will remind myself of all the love and support I get.
I will kick my arse into gear put that lipstick on and face the world.
Like a #badass with pink rocking hair lol.
If colour has power then this is my time for colour.

I will reflect on my power. My opportunity to really shout out that life has to be positive no matter what.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.
I believe in that positive power so very much.
I’m lucky I know as it’s an intrinsic part of my nature but on days like today when a tough night knocked my energy a bit I will still pull that smile on and reach for the positive.

Like a cuddle with my Disney Mouse.

Thank you for all your wonderful messages.

Those fabulous messages and hugs from near and afar have strength behind them.
They mean a lot they really do.
Thank you so very much.

Every day is a new day.
Never give up.
Never surrender.

Raided my bookshelves and found a whole ton of books I have not read !!
Positives !!
I don’t really do soppy though love Mitch Albom so I do make exceptions. I do however love history, crime, mystery or fantasy and I have a whole load to pick from now 
Happy day !!

Tonya gets soupI have flipping awesome mates !!
Delivery of homemade chicken and mushroom soup plus fresh bread and treats !!!

This gesture just means the world it really does 

Helps to keep the fight going strong.
Thank you so much to my amazing friend who literally knocked up this home made soup after listening to my morning video.  Some people are just a bloody legend !!
It’s absolutely gorgeous too!!

Ha ha meals on wheels and I wasn’t actually expecting anyone to take me seriously lol.

The worst part of today was spots !!

Really ?

Nowhere in the list of symptoms did it list spots !!

Chemo side effect spots ?This is me smiling at spots while I search the Amazon App for spot cream on prime delivery!

These are real cancer issues !!


I wonder if my friends could tell I was in bed a bit restless today. Truthfully the chemicals obviously hit me today. I was ok. I just knew if I actually got up I didn’t feel ok. If I stood up for more than 5 minutes I started to shake a bit and feel pretty queazy. Not much fun at all. It is strange but what else can you expect. Your body is full of all these chemicals and I am fairly sure right now it has absolutely no idea what to do with that. So whilst it fights this battle inside it is pretty energy zapping. Bed was the very best plan for the day. 

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