30th Jan – Hospital, Food & Comfy Feet

Everyone Calm Down. I got this !I am quickly discovering that it looks like I am staying in Hospital. Its ok. I got this !!

Hospital Vegetable Curry ! Nope. Just Nope !
Hospital Vegetable Curry ! Nope. Just Nope !

Ha ha hospital’s certainly doesn’t make for the best hotel ever. Room service is terrible for one thing and they charge you extra for TV privileges.  Good job that I have my laptop and Amazon Prime. I just need to find something fun and light weight to watch. Started downloading Season 1 of Taboo last night and realised my elderly neighbours might not appreciate the sounds of violence and swearing.

Actually all I really want to do is snooze and sleep but so many bright lights. It’s hard enough to sleep at night in hospital never mind during the day. 

Oh and I really need a bath too lol…. hold your nose.

But I got this kicked and am doing what Doctor ordered so I can get the hell out of here and get home.

Meanwhile …. more Amazon Prime video. 

Tuesday Afternoon Update.

I am neutropenic.

So basically my neutrophils are low. These are a type of white blood cell that help your immune system to work.
So I came into hospital Sunday night fighting an infection and my body has struggled to fight it since then. 
Gradually over the 2 days in hospital my neutrophils have continued to go down so despite antibiotics my body is struggling to fight the infection properly. I’m not improving.

I had a poor morning where I passed out briefly just before the consultant saw me. I wasn’t looking my beautiful best when they stood around the bed lol. In fact safe to say I probably looked pretty ropey ha ha. Don’t even think slap of pink lipstick would have helped.

Fluffy Dog Slippers make everyone smile.
Fluffy Dog Slippers make everyone smile.

I’m still laughing and I am definitely fighting I am just mostly doing that lay down snoozing lmao. My body is pretty drained of energy while it’s fighting and I am sure I have dropped a few lbs. Not the best diet plan to recommend. I am on IV fluids and they have switched me onto a different antibiotic to fight the infection I have.

The staff are truly amazing. Kind and cheerful I have watched and listened to their interactions with my more elderly neighbours and I am so impressed.

It is the food that really has me scratching my head. It is truly awful. If I had to rate the food and bed on Trip Advisor you probably wouldn’t choose this as a destination of choice. The food is just awful ! I can honestly say aeroplane food beats it hands down.  I am tempted to say the people who supply aeroplane food should sit down with hospital administration and see if they can work out a deal. The average tray on a flight which probably has a hot meal in a tiny tin with foil lid, a salad, bread roll or crackers plus some form of desert would be luxury compared to the hospital menu and I really do wonder what the price comparison would be? Considering you are trying to recover and get on your feet food has to be important. Ok I accept I am a bit of a foody. I love to cook, bake and create and am always looking at recipes etc so I suppose I am a bit critical but I can honestly say one of my children could have made a far better curry than was offered to me today. I actually chose it thinking it would be a safe bet. Ha no such luck there.

Anyway I definitely in hospital for another night at any rate and I guess I will stay here until they are happy I can go home.

I can tell I don’t feel good. I couldn’t even face watching video’s

My Dad is bringing some clothing and stuff from home for me so with luck I will get clean comfy underwear and one of my amazing friends is bringing some other supplies. Mostly food- I don’t need to elaborate on why.

I’m fighting and obviously not giving in without good fight either. Spirits are good. Not feeling at all beat in that respect just tired. But hey snoozing whiles the time away and that’s not a bad thing at all. 

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