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Tonya O'Donnell fighting cancer - Cancer in a Red DressA little bit about me. My name is Tonya. I’ve had a website here for a pretty long time & over those years the type of content has varied. That makes sense when you realise I have been through quite a journey over those years. I have gone from being a single career party girl to being a stay at home mum to a working mum and while I’ve grown older & changed so has the internet & my blog. I love being a mum but that’s not all I am. I have things I love & hate (I love beaches & cake, I hate marzipan & am not entirely a lover of cold weather!), opinions & experiences & skills  that I sometimes talk about like my love of sewing or all things environmental but mostly my blog has been nothing more than a sort of online diary or record that I don’t necessarily expect anyone else to read. I created it initially to record my travels just for me. This year though (2018) my blog has new meaning. I am #fightingcancer. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer December 2017. I realised that if I write about my journey then I have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and who knows I might just help someone else on their journey too. It makes me happy to be creative so I will try & have some fun with my blog along the way.   The big kid in me loves the fun in life which is why I am also a big Disney fan so there might be a smattering of Disney happiness too.

Some old Info from tonya.me.uk site:

What Wikipedia says about my name – Tonya:

Tonya.8These were the two facts I found about Tonya:

Tonya is a town and a district of Trabzon Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Check this out about Tonya (Τόνγια) or Byzantine Thoania (Θοανία).

Tonya Harding is an American figure skater.

I had no idea there was a place called Tonya! Note to contact Wikipedia and ask to be added? LOL


Where did I get my name ?

2008-01-14-0chaplinTonya age 4Tonya is often referred to as a shortened version of Antonia. Antonia is the female version of Anthony. Anthony happens to be my Dad’s name ! he he. In Slovakian Tonya means fairy. In latin Tonya means worthy of praise or priceless. I was named Tonya after one of the Characters from Doctor Zhivago. It was the only film playing at Bangor Cinema and Mum saw it lots of times. The two lead female roles are Lara and Tonya. Mum and Dad decided if I was born blonde I would be called Lara. I was born with dark hair so they called me Tonya. Tonya is the character played by Geraldine Chaplin. (Tonya (Geraldine Chaplin) and Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif) in Doctor Zhivago ). I was a cute kid & I learnt to sew at a very young age !


Personal Blogs & Websites.

I have had my site since 1997. Yes indeed it has been on the web that long !!! It has changed lots but then so have I !! I still write it all myself but I should add this disclaimer.

This is my personal site and collective. I am now first & foremost a mum! I am or was a freelance IT Consultant & IT Trainer / Web Site Developer and Learning Material Developer. I teach & create using the Adobe Creative suite including programs like Captivate which create Online learning modules. That’s what I am trained to do, career wise. In my spare time I am studied for an Environmental Science Degree. Phew !! This Site is dedicated to me & my family. Its kind of a fun thing that started as work, then took on a life of its own and evolved into a place to have fun & keep a sort of 20th century diary / blog.

Personal websites are like a form of 21st Century Diary/ Scrapbook. This is Tonya O’Donnell’s! It is personal use. Really I don’t expect anyone to read it or use it other than my family & me. If you do then thanks for visiting & feel free to add a comment (as long as it’s nice). The content of Tonya.me.uk is the personal opinion of Tonya & written without prejudice. MY photos are mine though(those that I have taken & are of me & mine) & therefore are copyrighted to me – if you want to use them then simply email me & ask. Some of the info is gleaned from other sources – I have added some references on my admin page – apologies if I nicked pics or other stuff to use!

Tonya O'Donnell fighting cancer - Cancer in a Red Dress
Tonya O’Donnell fighting cancer – Cancer in a Red Dress