Ask for help if you need it !!

We all need help sometimes.

My amazing mum popped in. I had a rough night. Almost almost called 911 and oncology hotline. Truthfully I left the phone downstairs and couldn’t face going down the stairs to fetch it otherwise I would have called. I made it through the night but I  did end up not making it back to bed from the bathroom and I ended up sleeping on a towel in my hallway outside the bathroom. I grabbed a pillow off one of my kids beds and pulled a blanket over myself and just lay there.

Today I’m wiped out. No energy no power no nothing. Really nothing inside me at all. I am simply empty and depleted and truthfully a mess. I made a mess all over the bathroom. I vomited, I had bad dioreah and it wasn’t pleasant and it sure was not pretty.

I didn’t expect a downturn last night. Thought I was doing ok. But that was a tough night and what I needed today was help. I needed my Mum.

So I picked up the phone and called my Mum. She came straight up and changed my bedding. Clean duvet cover and sheets plus she has rattled about the house tidying up for me and made some food.

A tuna sandwich never tasted sooo good I swear. I love my family so much. My mum is awesome. Love you very much.

The lesson you learn is that sometimes we all have to acknowledge that we need help. We need our team around us. Don’t ever think you have to be brave alone. Don’t be so bold and brave that you can’t reach out when you need help.

Today I needed help so I made that call and just having someone help me back into bed and clean me up was great. Mostly when I am in the crash I don’t want anyone watching me or being around. But it is comforting to know that a phone call away is someone that could come and help if you need them.

Use that team. Ask for help if you need it.

I did call the hotline by the way. By that point my temperate had come down and I stayed in close contact with the hospital in case that changed or I got worse but I think you accept that some of this is just chemo symptoms that you have to weather. As long as it doesn’t become a serious infection you just have to hydrate, watch your temperate and ride through it.

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