Baking and family dinners. Perfect winters days.

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The weather has turned super cold. The forecasters have been telling us to expect snow so we know it’s super cold.  That said this week we have had some perfect winters days.  Blue skies and bright winter sun.  Great for showing off all those amazing winter colours.  This morning I took a moment to photograph the berry bush at the back of my house.  Pj’s and ugg boots with a big thick cardigan lol.

It’s also that time of year for planning Xmas baking and this year as well as the usual mince pies I plan to try meringue kisses and marshmallows in different flavours. 
I spent a wonderful hour on my sofa the other evening browsing the lakeland catalogue. In my imagination I spent a fortune. I had no idea there were so many things I really wanted in my kitchen until I saw them lol. Made deciding what to ask for Xmas really easy. Lakeland vouchers please lol. Once I had browsed I then hit Amazon. Ii was ordering Xmas presents anyway so added in a couple of books for me. Right now all the cookery books seem to be on offer too for ridiculous prices like £4 or £5.

I had both kids at home today as my son had this awful cough. I still baked for his school cake bake but my Mum had to pop up to deliver the bake into school.
They aren’t my perfect cake I personally prefer cream or buttercream but perfect for school. Mind you we also had some fun with multi coloured cupcakes.

Must confess I smothered mine in buttercream lol.

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