Banana Angel Delight & being sick

This is the now infamous story of the Banana Angel Delight.

I posted this on facebook around lunch time that day.

“My life is perfect.
Banana Angel Delight with fruit – that’s a balanced meal ish right ?
Ok don’t judge – just glad I can actually eat something after 3 days 👍”

In the end I actually didn’t eat the fruit. Chemo taste buds are bad and the fruit tasted sour. The angel delight tasted great. It was fluffy and easy to eat.

The banana taste was a bit synthetic but that didn’t matter much. It did matter later on. Later on I would find myself kneeling on the bathroom floor being violently sick laughing hysterically. Why was I laughing ? Because despite feeling awful retching and vomiting it occurred to me that it was sort of funny that all I could taste was banana Angel Delight.

When you think about it then actually it is sort of funny. Not the being sick but the whole banana Angel Delight bit.

I actually ended up on the floor for quite a few hours. I was actually really sick despite all the medication they give you. At least in the midst of all that I still found a moment of laughter. Strangely it helps to laugh. The endorphins make you feel good when you laugh and it really does take the edge off the awful sickness that cripples your stomach.

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