Be a Queen not a Princess

At last feeling like I’m in recovery phase of this round. Ha just in time for Round 6 next week. A few days when I can finally eat feels wonderful.

This will be the last round of this cycle too. Woo hoo.

Feels like quite a big milestone. I have come such a long way. 

I have experienced first hand what a tough journey being diagnosed with Cancer can be.
I have fought strong and stayed positive.
I have cried and buckled with fear too.
I have been more sick than I have ever been in my life.
I have been more scared than ever before.
I have been stronger than I imagined I could be.
I have written my story through good and bad.
I have kept laughing even when crying.
I have seen other people’s stories and followed their journeys too and been inspired by the strength the human spirit can show.
I have had people by my side who have given me great strength and support – which has been truly wonderful to experience and has helped keep me going.
I have learnt so much and have so much more to learn.

The story isn’t over.

It feels enormous getting almost to the end of the first part of the treatment and knowing it’s working makes all the effort worth it.

I am proud to say that although it’s been the toughest thing I’ve ever done this demon hasn’t beaten me. I’m still me. I’m more me than ever before. I will continue to fight the demon and do it like a warrior. Ha I need to stop watching superhero movies lol.

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