Being Positive & Strong – 12th Feb

So update Monday 12th Feb.

Both my kids were at mine tonight and it was amazing!!

I have such awesome kids. Omg my boy is super smart. We had a proper geek out tonight and talked science and experiments and cool chemistry !!! He loves that I can geek with the best and totally stretch his mind… I’m so proud of my smart boy who loves science this much. He’s been watching all these videos about surgical techniques and things like ground breaking medical surgery which is so cool ! geek and proud lol. For kids to have such inquisitive minds is so amazing. Best bit is he also knows that not just men but women do this ground breaking stuff too and made a point of saying that not only is racism dumb but so is sexism ! See omg cool kid !

We’ve downloaded Hidden Figures to watch tomorrow as he really wants to see it so that’s our night together before Chemo Round 2.

On that note yup Wednesday is Round 2 !

Deep breath.
I’m almost more scared for round 2. Maybe it’s because I know what’s coming and after today’s meeting at the hospital I know there’s no adjusting the chemicals. We just have to cross our fingers and hope there isn’t a repeat trip into hospital but there’s no way to change what I get hit with. Cross our fingers doesn’t seem very technical does it lol. Ok so few more drugs after to see if it controls some of the symptoms but that’s about it.

It’s ok I know they have to hit me hard and I’m getting a big dose and a lot of chemicals. That’s for the best it really is. But well deep breath. Bring it on. I’m here today standing and laughing and bringing on the geek so I know I can do it. Just also know how not fun it was and that’s an understatement! Which yup it scares me just a bit.

Big girl pants!! It’s like being told to jump up out off the trench and wait for the bullet to hit. You know they will patch you up but omg it’s not pretty in between.

The positive is that clearly the reaction I had showed the aggressive treatment is working well….. yeah aggressively! Which sounds nuts buts it’s a positive. The fast hair loss apparently also a sign of that. It’s ok I embrace that aggressive response it’s a positive sign. Kill those bad cancer cells.

I’m starting to learn to live with the no hair. Zachary says it’s cool and oh btw he’s now taller than me !!!

endurance Frida Kahlo Here’s to endurance.
To power.
To tenacity.
To positive attitude.
To warrior attitude.
To fight.
To determination.
To a smile.
To true grit.
To living strong.
To being amazing.
To being the best you that you can be.

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