Being Wary of Secondary Infections

Trying to keep my temp down as can’t face another night in A & E but not feeling fab. I lost my voice yesterday. Today my joints and muscles ache like I’m post chemo. This chemo fatigue recurrence is something sadly I will have to live with for a while yet.

I caught an infection over the weekend. yeah I know – I maybe over did it. In my defence it isn’t easy to always know when you have done too much until the tired hits after and I couldn’t have predicted catching an infection. 

Also gosh I keep saying it – live life and never for one moment regret doing that. No regrets even of it means that I am feeling worse for wear.

I’m guessing I have actually picked up an infection.  It could have come from anywhere. My smallest child has a terrible cold. Yes the infection managed to get me so fast due to basically my body having taken a bashing this year. Putting it mildly. It’s hit me harder than maybe normal yes  its all about the chemo poison aftermath again and with that in the mix that’s probably why my body feels painful in the joints and aching in muscles.

Still live. This hopefully will pass without event and I will be back to my bouncy self very soon.

I don’t expect a good sleep but that’s nothing new these days. My back is killing me and of course surgery scar still quite sore too. I keep reminding myself to look for a new comfy topper for my mattress or even a new mattress maybe.

On a positive note check out the hair. It is growing much faster than I thought it would.

There’s always a positive.

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