Biopsies and tests !! Breast Cancer Diagnosis Week 1

Three days after the diagnosis & I am having more bits removed. Ok so its only biopsy but dang it hurt.

Here’s my facebook post “Today wasn’t as easy as I thought but I put my wonder woman pants on !!
Tonight I offered to help host at a function and hell yeah I am still going. Red lipstick and instead of the usual black dress I pulled the red one out of my wardrobe that I thought I was too fat to wear !!!
Thank you to mt friend Katrina¬†for laughing at me cos I screamed lol. I need that !! I didn’t think I needed anyone there but glad you came in the end ”

The Biopsies hurt like hell actually. They squished my boob into a mammogram type machine to take the biopsies and cut two holes to take 10 biopsies. I don’t have a very good relationship with local anesthetic. It doesn’t like me and I don’t like it !! Don’t ask me why but it doesn’t seem to work on me ! So they have to give me extra and yes until they did I screamed !! Then when I explained my unhappy relationship with local anesthetic to the nurse I was given a stern telling off for not giving them that information in advance. Ok so it’s new to me too but I know in future to actually tell them.

They put a dressing on it and I daren’t look ! I can tell it’s bleeding. I’m just sort of disappointing that the titanium markers I now have in my right breast won’t set the alarms at the airport off. Imagine explaining that one to security ha ha.

Anyway I decided there was no way despite discomfort that I was cancelling the event so I did indeed stick the big girl pants on and yes I went into the back of my wardrobe and I got that red dress out. The one I have always been scared to wear as it a) made me look a bit fat and b) is sooooo bright ! Now I have a bold bright sunny personality by nature but red !!! Anyway I wore it and I felt amazing. I felt bold and brassy and strong. Which is just what I need right now.

The name of my blog was born. I plan to wear lots of red !!

Cancer in a red dress !!

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