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Simplicity pattern 2320

Since dressmaking is my thing these days I decided that my baby girl should be treated to a special dress for her birthday. 
I chose a pattern for this dress that I have not made before. Simplicity 2320. It’s one of their project runway patterns. The idea is that you have a basic pattern with parts that can be chosen to suit like different styles of sleeves and of course the embellishments are your choice too. I like the little cap sleeves and I picked a gorgeous elephant print that I bought online from Cotton Kisses.
The first part of any new pattern is time consuming but once it’s been done the pattern can be used again really easily. I learnt early on that to preserve the original pattern I should copy the size I want onto new paper and cut that out. I use proper dressmaking paper as it’s see through so markings can be seen doesn’t tear too easily when pinning and you can trace the original pattern easily through it.
Next step is to get pinning and cutting. I was careful with this fabric to get a column of flowers down the centre of the front piece.
It’s not an easy pattern this one and must confess the square bodice piece had me muttering under my breath as I struggled to pin it to the front dress piece but at last things started to come together. It’s a satisfying process. I am sure anyone who makes and creates finds the same. Seeing things come together gives a sense of accomplishment which I’ve read somewhere is really good for us.
I like to do french seams on my kids clothes. This is where the seam is enclosed. It makes a nice neat seam that feels nicer inside and less danger of fraying.
The finished dress is great. I am chuffed to bits and my little model loved it.

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  1. This dress is gorgeous!! I’m stuck on step four and can’t move forward. 🙁 The instructions don’t make much sense to me at this point. Do you have any photos of how you pinned/sewed the yoke??? I hate to abandon a project, but I’m about the throw in the towel on this dress!! Many thanks.

    • Oh this was a nightmare ! That square yoke took tons of fiddling & moving about to get it all pinned in. I don’t have any photo’s sorry but I do remember it being a pain. Don’t throw the towel in try going back & making sure you havn’t skipped a step & then some jiggling. It’s achievable & my littlest is wearing it today actually !!

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