Throwing out my old bra’s.
Realising it’s going to be a while before I want to wear an underwired bra again – if ever.

When I do feel like buying pretty underwear again then it should be new underwear. New bra’s. Not the before cancer ones.
Is that odd?

It feels cathartic to get rid of them even if there is a little sadness there too. Never will my boobs be the same again. Never will they look or feel the same…. ever again.

One of my symptoms if you could call it that when I looked back was these old bra’s becoming uncomfortable. I thought I just needed a different size. I had no idea I had cancer. No idea at all. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever connect the line between uncomfy bra straps and cancer. It didn’t connect yet maybe as a woman we should be more aware that every small change in how our boobs feel could indicate a problem. One that is worthy of checking.
If I had not spoken to my gp about this concern and he not sent me for that mamagram today I would more than likely be looking at stage 3 or 4 diagnosis not stage 2.

Please check your boobs and if your bra’s aren’t feeling right check them even closer.

For now these are going in a bag while I work out what to do with them

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