Cancer Journey

My Cancer in a Red Dress – Journey

These blog posts also include some of my facebook live video’s which were originally made to talk to my friends & family but eventually I decided to publish them as part of the story of my journey. You might find them odd to watch as I occasionally talk to the people who were commenting at the time.

Cycle 4 update -precious family time.

Chemo Cycle 4 week 3 update. So it’s the last week of cycle 4. Next week is cycle 5. So far no trips to hospital despite ending up with a chest infection. I visited myContinue reading

Ask for help if you need it !!

We all need help sometimes. My amazing mum popped in. I had a rough night. Almost almost called 911 and oncology hotline. Truthfully I left the phone downstairs and couldn’t face going down the stairsContinue reading

The Chemo Chemical Crash

The Chemo treatment is bound to come with a crash. There is a point where it all hits you.  My chemo day is a wednesday. I have the treatment every 3 weeks. In each roundContinue reading

Chemo Round 4 – Bring it on !

I’m ready!! War paint on ! Totally part of the mental preparation. I look tired and ill without it. Dangly star earings ! Minnie t-shirt on! Bring it on !! Cycle 4 feels good. It isContinue reading

Good days & laughs – best medicine ever

Fabulous day. Despite starting off at docs then got to see my brother and my gorgeous mate Kat for some well overdue hugs. Totally miss them and Kat gives fab hugs. Great to catch upContinue reading