Cancer Journey

My Cancer in a Red Dress – Journey

These blog posts also include some of my facebook live video’s which were originally made to talk to my friends & family but eventually I decided to publish them as part of the story of my journey. You might find them odd to watch as I occasionally talk to the people who were commenting at the time.

Looking back – Cancer in a red Dress

This is the dress that started it all. The red dress. I had just that week found out I had Stage 2 Triple Positive Aggressive Breast Cancer. I learnt that I was incredibly lucky toContinue reading

Health Care at Home – Herceptin Injection no4

Hercrptin day today. Today it was at home. Oh my gosh the Health Care at Home Nurse was great too! I have numbing cream 30 mins before the injection to try and minimise the stingingContinue reading

Radiotherapy Confirmation

Waiting room fun while we wait for Oncology Consultant. Update Because of the aggressive nature of my Breast Cancer and the triple positive status of my Diagnosis it was confirmed today that I will haveContinue reading

Whinge Less People

Life lessons cancer taught me. Whinge Less people !!! I noticed while I was dealing with cancer this year just how many people whinged a whole lot too much about really silly things. Really minorContinue reading

Post Chemo Hair Growth

Hair !! I have hair. Ok it’s not much but it’s growing. It’s 9 weeks post chemo and I am actually amazed at how much it has grown. I shouldn’t care so much really. ItContinue reading