Cancer Journey

My Cancer in a Red Dress – Journey

These blog posts also include some of my facebook live video’s which were originally made to talk to my friends & family but eventually I decided to publish them as part of the story of my journey. You might find them odd to watch as I occasionally talk to the people who were commenting at the time.

Shaved the Hair off

So this happened today. My friend & hairdresser was all too willing to help me make the transition. Truthfully there wasn’t really a choice. Ok so the choice was go all patchy or just getContinue reading

The hair is falling out !! Herceptin be damned !

The hair has started to fall out. I cried last night a bit. But not for long. I think I’m allowed that but I’m ok with it. Better not to bottle emotions inside. That’s notContinue reading

Sleeping & eating. 2 Weeks after 1st Chemo

Wednesday 7th Feb bit of a mid day update. Cooking, eating & sleeping. Well let’s see it’s 2 weeks since my first chemo. When they said aggressive treatment I realise now I sort of underestimatedContinue reading

Feb 5 Week 3 after Chemo Round 1

Good morning errr afternoon ! Monday 5th Feb. Well there is always a positive as I say and here is one happy cat. He is totally happy that I am hanging out in bed aContinue reading

Feeling better Update Feb 3

Update for Saturday 3rd Feb. Don’t let life beat you. Never give up. Be stronger every day. Be unafraid to admit when you were wrong. Be positive. Be happy. #livestrong ##livelifepositively I won’t let CancerContinue reading