Cancer Journey

My Cancer in a Red Dress – Journey

These blog posts also include some of my facebook live video’s which were originally made to talk to my friends & family but eventually I decided to publish them as part of the story of my journey. You might find them odd to watch as I occasionally talk to the people who were commenting at the time.

Ready for Round 6

Guess what ! I’m finally looking forward to a round of chemo ! It’s round 6 tomorrow which means last one of this cycle of treatment. At the start of January this point seemed soContinue reading

PreSurgery Meeting

Today was 1st pre surgery meeting. There was measuring and talking and way more in terms of options and to think about than expected. Truthfully it felt a bit overwhelming.  It’s almost bamboozling so theyContinue reading

Be a Queen not a Princess

At last feeling like I’m in recovery phase of this round. Ha just in time for Round 6 next week. A few days when I can finally eat feels wonderful. This will be the lastContinue reading

Feel the fear & put on your superhero cape

Had meeting with Oncology Consultant Yesterday. Actually it was good news. Things are going well with the chemo which is good but for a brief moment that news and the relief just made the tearsContinue reading

Eyelashes – Positives

Positives !! I might not have eyebrows left or much of them anyway but I do still have my eyelashes! I don’t have much hair anywhere to be honest which in the case of myContinue reading