Memory Bears

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Memory Bear being made

Bear about to be born

I adore these bears. I used a basic ready bought teddy bear craft pattern as my base for the design of this bear then altered it slightly to fit exactly what I wanted. I spent months literally hours in the evening scouring the net for patterns for Teddy Bears. I even emailed some people who were doing teddy bear sewing classes & asked where they got the patterns. Usually people like to share information or that’s at least the case in the IT world but most people did not seem to want to share their patterns with me. Eventually I found this Kwik Sew pattern in a book in Aberkhan fabric & hey presto the first memory bear was born.

Memory bear pile of baby clothes

Pile of baby clothes ready to be sorted & cut out for a bear

I love the idea of taking a pile of baby clothes or kids t-shirts or even your old favourite football top or club shirt and turning it into a teddy that can sit about & be enjoyed rather than being just an old item of clothing in a box. Often we have these items that hold memories and don’t want to throw them away but they don’t get worn so they sit at the bottom of your blanket box, or in a store box or the top of the wardrobe. Well instead they can be turned into a cherished teddy.

Memory bear clothes all sorted

Teddy bear all laid out & sorted

Once I had sorted the perfect teddy bear it was simple to create a smaller size version too. Obviously the clothes need to be clean but I then sort them and cut them so that I can lay the pattern pieces out, pin and cut out ready to be sewn together. The whole process probably takes 2 evenings. I then wash the bear and finally stuff, put the eyes in & sew on a nose. I will take a nice photo once this one is completed.


Sewing Posts

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sewing stuff will also go onto my new site. I plan some tutorials but also just posts on fun creative things and plain old sewing & fun stuff. I added some posts categories too which might make finding things easier. I am all for easy site navigation – oh thats the post nerdy techy geek in me peeking through LOL. Oh baking stuff will also feature so just added a category for that too