Celebrate those wobbly bits.

Reposting these photo’s for #nationalbikiniday. #nationalswimsuitday.

It’s time we celebrated our bodies for what they are. The result of a life well lived.


learnt last year through cancer to care less what other people thought about my wobbly bits & celebrate them for being the result of life. Of 2 kids, a lifetime of work & play & more recently for helping me fight my way like a total badass through cancer treatment & recovery.

I’m proud of my warriors body. I’m proud that it withstood the brutal treatment last year. I will wear those shorts out in public & wear those bikinis & swimming costumes with pride. Those wobbly chubby thighs & knees have walked me through half a century of adventures. I’ve learnt that the people who love me will love me regardless of my own body insecurities & my kids just want me to jump in the pool with them & have fun without feeling self conscious. So come on …. instead of fat shaming & thinking everyone should have a stick thin skinny body lets celebrate real bodies with real lives who have been through all sorts of shit and shouldn’t be worried about a bit of wobble. In fact we should be celebrating those amazing bodies for their accomplishments.

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