Charity Coffee Morning

Today despite it being chemo day yesterday I was the girl fighting Cancer in a red dress and fighting strong.

I attended a charity coffee morning organised and hosted by my mum for 2 amazing charities. One is for kids with special needs- on behalf of my Autistic son. The other provides cancer hospice care – there’s an obvious link there lol. She raised £600 which is terrific !

I got lots of amazing hugs. Took tons of selfies and caught up with some terrific people who I simply adore lots. Sometimes we shouldn’t wait to tell people we think they are fab because it’s so nice to hear someone say oh I think you are great.

Anyway now I am climbing into bed in my Pjs and plan to snooze and read and recover some energy.

I had to dig deep to get through this morning but it was worth it.

Some things just matter !
#chooselife #livestrong

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