Chemo Fatigue

Chemo fatigue is real and can occur long after chemo is actually over.

Your body has been in destruction mode.

Not everyone gets the same chemo treatment. Treatment depends on individual personal diagnosis. There isn’t a one size fits all cancer treatment. These days it’s really very personalised. Some people will get a treatment cycle that is once every few weeks (mine was once every three weeks) others will have their chemo treatment more frequently. Some will get aggressive treatment on high doses others will get a specific chemo drug and no others. It really depends on diagnosis and purpose of treatment.

What everyone will get is the fatigue and the symptoms. Again these differ but many are common. The muscle and joint pain and aches seem common symptoms.

That’s what I have tonight. Busy week and I am feeling it now. My body feels so tired and my joints actually hurt. I ache all over and can’t move very well. My limbs feel as if they have weights attached to them.

The medical team advise you to not just sit about but to try and keep reasonably mobile. Your body will tell you when it needs to rest.

Yup…. by literally stopping working 🤣.

Nights like this I get into bed early to avoid having to climb the stairs late when it is a resl effort physically. I have ended up going up on my hands and knees before now. It must look very funny.

So tonight I’m like a sloth. Slow and sleepy.

Night world. Tomorrow is a new day x

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