Chemo Round 4 – Bring it on !

I’m ready!! War paint on ! Totally part of the mental preparation. I look tired and ill without it. Dangly star earings !

Minnie t-shirt on! Bring it on !!

Cycle 4 feels good.

It is just over the half way mark. Defintely worth a celebration.  The slightly reduced dose is making the treatment defintely more manageable.

Cycle 3 was not without its troubles. I managed to get Thrush in my Oesophagus.  I visited my GP who gave me a course of antibiotics to take at home. Every time I tried to eat the food stuck in my throat and felt really painful. Who would have thought it ! Oesophaus thrush – I had never even heard of such a thing.  I was a bit worried about them reducing the dosage on the chemo but the Consultant assured me that it would be just as effectively as it was actually likely they had actually been giving me a little too much. Ha overdosed on Chemo no wonder I was so ill.

The truth is that treatment for cancer is designed to take your body to the very brink of destruction and death. The aim is to kill the cancer cells but in that process your healthy body takes a beating. I crossed that line into death and honestly it isn’t an experience I want to repeat so having a dosage that means I am still ill but at least not likley to repeat the death experience is much better. It is a brutal experience going through chemo but if you can avoid the hospital stays it is better. It isn’t nice managing the bad sysmptoms at home but you have your hospital hotline on speed dial and you know you can call anytime to just check if you are worried. Hospital is the best place to be if you are becoming seriously ill and they will tell you if that is where you need to be. I hate being sick and having the Dioreah but at least at home you can sleep and eat and recover better.

OK Chemo Day 4 done !!

Took all day.

9.20 am to 5.30pm – Tiring but it’s done !

Now to ride the storm and hope to again avoid hospital and get some recovery time.

Another of my terrific friends came to spend chemo day with me and is staying for a few days to look after me.

It is Easter weekend this weekend and I doubt I will get time with my kids which hurts. That has been one of the hardest things about the treatment. It has been being so ill that I have not been able to have my children stay with me. I miss them terribly. But I understand that I have to concentrate on winning the battle with cancer. I have many years ahead that I need to be around for my children so right now I have to fight to be there.

Fingers crossed for a better round again and avoiding hospital stay and serious infection is top of my list.


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