Chemo Steroid Buzz – Round 6

It’s time to snuggle down and get some rest.

I am still in the Steroid Buzz ! The crash will come but I am reveling in the fact that these last rounds of Chemo haven’t landed me in Hospital. I have been ill. I have felt like crap. But I haven’t been critically ill to the point of being Hospitalised which is a really big difference.

This week was a big week. I rocked the sunshine lol.

Last aggressive Chemo Cycle – Round 6 done. 

Now moving on to next stage of treatment.



New drug cycle starting next. Much longer – 9 month’s. But only one  drug not the full on 5 chemo & drug cocktail I’ve been on.

No more steroids which mess me about.

No more of the injections I have at home that make me sick and make my joints hurt.

It’s been a more brutal first phase than I expected and it knocked me off my feet. It made me critically ill. It made me more ill than anyone expected not least me and I know it worried my consultant at one stage. But it worked. It halted the aggressive spread that without immediate aggressive treatment would have quickly (within only a few short months) changed my diagnosis to stage 3 or 4 cancer. A very different picture.

So moving on.

Realising it’s a marathon not a sprint.

But also hoping I’ve done the really tough bit b4 surgery and I might by end summer be able to get more of my life back. This last almost 6 months has really meant me stepping back from life. Quite a shock. I miss work and I miss my life but I do realise in the long run this is all about making sure I have a life. Puts things into perspective when you look at it that way doesn’t it lol.

So time for bed. Get lots of rest over these next few days then get into recovery phase – even if it is isolation lol.

Night all ….. replies may be slow but I will get back to them. 

I now have a holiday to plan for before Surgery.

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