Diagnosed with Breast Cancer – Video Blog / Vlog

Tonya O'Donnell - Cancer in a Red Dress
Cancer in a Red Dress

I decided to start a video Blog or vlog. Actually these video’s were mostly made on facebook as live video’s. I decided right from day 1 of being diagnosed that I needed a method by which to vent my emotions and stay sane in this journey.  So I started doing live facebook video’s. I quickly realised that actually being honest about the journey might inspire and help other people. Sometimes it is good to just know that you are not alone in a journey.

Here is my intro & below that is the first real video update I made.

Because most of my video’s were taken live you can see me reacting to comments which look odd maybe when not live but there you have it. Lots of the videos show me laughing and joking and seeing the positives in the journey.

Of all my video’s this was the first one. It is probably one of the most emotional ones so a disclaimer right now. I cannot be held responsible if you end up in tears, you were given fair warning lol. This was early on & it was still sinking in.

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