Fabric Suppliers List

Everyone keeps asking me where I get my fabrics. So I thought I would compile a list of some of my favourite stores from the internet and actual shops to share.

Fabric stores to visit

  • Dunelm – you probably have one of these somewhere nearby. They sell threads, fabrics and ribbons etc. Lot’s of the fabrics are upholstery fabrics for curtains and sofa’s but my local one also does a small range of dressmaking fabrics too usually priced around £7 per m.
  • Abakhans – scattered all over the country I visit the one in Liverpool when I am up there. You can’t beat actually being able to browse for fabric, touch feel and see it so sometimes actually visiting a fabric store is worth the small trip you might have to make.
  • Local stores – I have two local shops near me that sell gorgeous fabrics. One of them is a craft fabric store which means the fabric is slightly heavier than normal weight dressmaking fabric but I have found some gorgeous prints and one of my favourite summer dress makes was from craft fabric. I call this the Alice dress and I actually love this pink starburst fabric.IMG_20140715_045130


Online website stores

    • https://www.fabric.com/ – This is an american site so in the UK be aware that if you order over £100 you will pay extra tax. You will however find lot’s of great prints that you don’t see over in British stores. Some of the American Designer fabrics like Michael Miller are cheaper here but obviously the postage is more.PhotoGrid_1403959426483


  • http://www.calicolaine.co.uk/ – Great online store for all sorts of fabrics. I have brought some lovely Rose & Hubble prints from here also my Strawberry fabric.
  • http://www.brightonsewingcentre.co.uk/ – Nice website stocks all the main streak designers Riley Blake, M Miller , R Kaufman & some other great brands too
  • http://www.printstopolkadots.co.uk/gb/ –  Riley Blake, M Miller , R Kaufman, Dashwood Studio among others
  • http://www.emmasfabricstudio.co.uk/ – There are some great bundles of fabrics on this store perfect for project work. Lot’s of plain cottons and flannel fabrics too & all the main designers plus loads more Riley Blake, M Miller , R Kaufman etc. I love the Andover fabrics and you will find them here.
  • http://www.plushaddict.co.uk/ – Great site for whole range of fabrics
  • http://thelittlefabricshop.co.uk/ – Fabric, buttons, ribbons and more.
  • http://www.ebay.co.uk/ – A little obvious maybe and not always the cheapest but certainly not a bad place to look for bargains, roll ends or remnants and also to pick up supplies like elastic and trim. If you don’t mind it coming from abroad it’s cheaper too and more than likely some of the supplies are manufactured in the country they are being posted from anyway so not necessarily inferior quality.
  • http://www.minervacrafts.com/ – This site has a fabulous range of fabrics and notions plus patterns too.

I am giving the following page a special mention as it is the only one I know of that stocks really unusual bespoke prints and will also help you create and have printed your own designs.

  • http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome –  If you fancy designing your own fabric or having some really unusual fabric designs printed bespoke for you this is the place. I bought some amazing Dr Who fabric here that I have never seen anywhere else. You choose your fabric type and the design and they print the amount you order specifically for you.

list updated April 2016

Facebook Page sellers

Some of these pages also have website stores. They might advertise offers or discounts on the facebook page then link to the store to buy. I think it’s easy to forget that facebook has lot’s of small businesses selling through facebook or offering services. Here are some of my favourites. The great thing about these pages is it’s easy to ask the seller questions or their audience too so you get lot’s of help and advice. You also sometimes get to see the things people are making which showcases fabrics that you might not have seen or thought would look great.

There are so many places to find and buy fabric and all the notions like ribbons, zippers, threads etc. I couldn’t list them all so these are just a few that I know of and have used. If you know of a great store that I should add please let me know.

We love fabric in my house and as far as my littlest is concerned the pinker the better but I love them all. Flowers, fairies, space ships, pink, blue, red……….. I think I should follow this post with something about the different designers. Watch this space.IMG_20140708_053547

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