Good days & laughs – best medicine ever

Fun with wigs Tonya O'DonnellFabulous day.

Despite starting off at docs then got to see my brother and my gorgeous mate Kat for some well overdue hugs. Totally miss them and Kat gives fab hugs. Great to catch up and have a giggle.

Then made it to my daughters Easter show which was great. She’s a total star and oh she’s sooo tall. 

To top all that tonight got to catch up with another awesome mate Meg who always makes me laugh and smile and we played with a wig !

Friends & family that give hugs and make you smile & laugh are just the best tonic and medicine. Pull them close at tough times. These are the people who will fan your flames & who you should remember to thank afterwards & keep on your ‘my people’ list. 

Days like this are golden. I was tired at the end and my back ached but it was so worth it. Especially as this Wednesday is Chemo treatment day and having my spirits lifted is just perfect.

I am dreading Wednesday.  I dread every chemo day. I know that I will feel the steroid buzz for a few days then I know I be ill and that isn’t something to look forward to. I know its necessary & that I will get through but I don’t have to love it. I love time with my friends & family !! More of that please.

Oh and I now have purple and blue hair lol

4 thoughts on “Good days & laughs – best medicine ever

  1. I am following your blog, Tonya, and it sounds like you’re doing an incredible job! I know that I wouldn’t be able to face what you are facing with all your positivity and strength. I’m sorry that the chemo is having such an awful effect on you. I do hope that things start to improve. This time next year, all this should just be a memory!

    1. Hi Jenny & thank you. Not everybody ends up with the same chemo experience it just so happens that the dose I am on is rather a lot & the reaction quite extreme but you are so right. This time next year it will be a memory and I will look back and realise just what I did. Thank you for your kind words of support 🙂

  2. Love reading your blog Tonya.Carry on being strong and fighting this cruel Disease.much love and respect. Amanda

    1. Thank you so much Amanda. Fighting the fight can be exhausting and isolating and knowing people are reading it & sending support is really fab x

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