Halloween costumes and winters nights

I love this time of year.  I love the cold winter evenings snuggled up indoors.  I love treacle toffee and wind storms.  I love Halloween nights and always stay up and watch a scary movie alone. I inevitably then ending up unable to sleep but it’s all part of the fun.  I love bonfire night and fireworks.  Slow cooked casseroles and steamy puddings like bread and butter pudding.  Out come the marshmallows for hot chocolate which has to be Cola Cao bought in Spain.


  I have some great fabric for a pirate inspired theme outfit for Seren-Grace and some fabric in my box to knock up a costume for me too.  I am going to have my first go at cake pops and skeleton gingerbread men. I have new pj’s and some cute slipper socks to keep toes warm. 

Oh Autumn to winter is a fab time of year with the promise of Christmas and maybe snow just round the corner. 

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