Halloween Pirate inspired costume

Halloween pirate costume. pirate fabric inspired outfit

I promised I would write a blog entry / post / article on this sewing project and here it is.
The fabric was bought from www.alwaysknittingandsewing.co.uk. s local Fabric craft shop recommended it for novelty fabrics like these pirate prints and they have an eBay store.

pirate fabric

I decided to make trousers from the dark fabric and a top from the light.  I chose Simplicity 7189 for the trousers.

pirate fabric

The pattern for the trousers is only two pieces cut out.  You need some bias binding and some elastic.  I used 6mm for the legs and 12mm on the waist. I cut out age 2 for the pattern since my little one is quite tall. As always I recopied the pattern on to new paper rather than use the original. This is an easy pattern so only took a couple of hours of sewing. The hardest part is seeing the bias binding for the elastic and making sure you catch the edge but leave a big gap for the elastic.
Simplicity 7189 pirate fabric inspired outfit with trousers in skull and crossbone
For the top I chose a dress pattern but decided to make it short like a tunic top. I used Simplicity pattern 1924. This is one of their new project Runway patterns and is lovely.

I especially liked it for the top as it uses poppers or buttons as fasteners rather than a zip.
Simplicity 1924 using pirate themed fabric

Once again I copied the pattern out then measuring against one of her tops I worked out how long I wanted it to be and drew out bottom pieces in the required length. I used some blue facing as I felt the white needed a backing. I love the poppers on the back.
skull pirate theme fabric top using Simplicity 1924
I simply adore this top. I bet the dress is adorable. The Simplicity Project Runway patterns encourage you to pick and choose from elements of the pattern and embellishment like sleeves of different styles, added lace here and there, different style bodices or adding collars or pockets to suit. I prefer simple lines so no added extras. I love it and can see this outfit in lots of other fabrics for the summer.
She seemed really comfortable and it fitted beautifully.

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