Happy 70th Birthday NHS & Thank you

The NHS has fixed numerous broken bones on me after countless trips to A&E growing up. It saved my son and I after a premature delivery of him at 3 months premature. It saved my daughter from Scarlet Fever age 5 and has supplied both my kids and I with care to recover from all sorts of ailments from chicken pox to Tonsillitis. You provided care for my Terminally ill grandparents at the end of their lives and last year my Uncle. Finally this year the NHS is working to help save my life from Cancer. Happy birthday NHS and long may you continue to give life whilst also caring for those at the end of their lives.

You can help the NHS by understanding when to use and not abuse the system and by understanding it’s amazing but not everything happens instantly. It isn’t without its flaws but it is still a fabulous resource. I personally cannot fault the care my family and I have received. Big love to all the people I know who work to help the NHS provide great care.

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