Health Care at Home – Herceptin Injection no4

Herceptin InjectionHercrptin day today.

Today it was at home.

Oh my gosh the Health Care at Home Nurse was great too! I have numbing cream 30 mins before the injection to try and minimise the stinging sensation that the drug has.

It’s not the needle going in that hurts it’s the drug itself, which is cold and stings and is just under the skin.

In the end it took 12 mins to administer the Herceptin injection and not one swear word uttered. I won’t say it didn’t hurt. It did. But it wasn’t as bad as the previous three. Slow is obviously the magic word.

The nurse hung about for 2 hrs afterwards to make sure there were no serious side effects.

Now I am lay on sofa. I usually I get 2 days of feeling a bit flu like but hopefully that will be the worst of it. Heavy limbs, bit headachey too. There are all sorts of side effects of the Herceptin Injection but most are minimal compared to the IV Herceptin especially in conjunction with all the other chemo drugs that treatment often comes with.

I am scheduled in for next injection which will be the same day I have my echo on my heart done. Herceptin can affect your heart so it’s important to keep up with the echo scans.

The best bit about having the injection at home is not having to drive for the 45 mins to 60 mins to the Hospital and back again.

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