Herceptin Injection No 1

Herceptin InjectionHerceptin Day !

I Started My Herceptin injections today.

The day started with an alarm at 6:20. 

We were at the hospital by 8am for my echo.

The injection was around 10am.

Herceptin 0 – Me 1

I won’t lie I screamed out, swore very loudly and cried for the whole 5 minutes. I was breathing through my nose and mouth really loudly with tears rolling down my cheeks telling myself how brave I am 🤣👍.

The injection takes around 5 minutes to administer. The chemical stings going in. It has something in it that creates the sting.

I hate needles. All these months of various treatments and I still hate needles. My body and skin seems to have become more sensitive. Each needle stings more than the last time.

I am brave. I am strong. I got this !! I totally got this.

But I still cried.

I guess it’s ok to feel strong and brave but also acknowledge the pain of the moment and the reaction that creates.

4 hrs later I am lay on the sofa. Not fab but not terrible. My hips, back and joints ache and I’m tired but no obvious bad allergic reaction. I don’t feel amazing but I don’t feel as bad as chemo crash so that’s a major bonus. There are another 9 months worth of these…. ouch.

Well all I want to do now is curl up and sleep. An early night and a lie in should help a lot.

The main symptoms are flu like with soreness around the injection site. Fingers crossed for a good weekend. 

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