Holiday Dressmaking & the Perennial Tunic free pattern

20130917_100303I was ultra busy on the run up to Christmas with bears and sock monkeys so after they had all been posted off I set about some personal dressmaking projects.

Since most of the sewing is for my little girl she sat with me once or twice and helped out in her own way he he.

One of the projects was a first for me.  A download pattern rather than a pre printed one.  It was the Perennial Tunic from sew mamma. You can find her instructions & pattern at this page on I chose a flower print fabric bought from a local store.  Gordon Smiths in Malvern is really a store for upholstery fabrics rather than dressmaking fabrics but they do have a few and this was the only flower one.
20140109_100635The pattern has to be printed out and cleverly lined up. It took scissors and sellotape and a bit of patience to get it all done. Then was the added pain of having to trace the pattern onto dressmaking paper and add your seam allowance. I use real dressmaking paper as it’s really the best option and not actually that expensive for quite a lot.

I buy mine from either eBay or Amazon wherever I can buy it cheapest on offer ideally.

Adding the 1cm seam allowance sounds easy but it made me wish I was using a proper pattern created with seam allowance included.

That said it’s a nice pattern and now I have it printed out and traced I can use it again. I did use my own skills to finish the seams for example I like to do french seams down the sides and I used my own skills to insert bias binding around the armholes.

I am pleased with the finished item and it looks great on. Contrast pockets would be nice. My little girl wore it to playgroup and it looked lovely.

So there you have it. The Perennial Tunic pattern all done.

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