Unexpected Hospital Stay & looking for Positives always – Jan 29

Monday afternoon update. Jan 29th

I’m ok.

Thoughts for this afternoon.

  • Wishing I could have a big warm bubble bath.
  • My bed would be awesome.
  • A decent mug of tea would be very special.
  • A good night sleep a blessing.
  • My make up bag would be very welcome.


They have had me on an IV Antibiotics drip for 8 hours so I am feeling bit better.
They are doing some investigation into my meds & maybe switching some of my meds so I don’t keep reacting to whatever it is that knocked me off my feet.
We have an amazing health care service.
I did spend the night in A&E but this morning was given a bed on a ward.
The staff are amazing and lovely.
My Dad is a hero – he rushed me into hospital and sat with me keeping my spirits up.
My Mum is a legend and looked after my babies while I suffered a wee blip in the journey.
I have considerably lowered the average age of patient on my ward lol which makes me feel very young Ha Ha.
I have awesome friends and family and work team who delivered goodies and KFC at lunch time!
My amazing loved ones awe me with their messages of love and support. It really is strengthening and heart warming – a real boost.
The tea is better than British Rail.
I appeared in a magazine! Ha only a business one but hadn’t expected the photo chosen to be a large one of me lol.

I’m still smiling.
Still being #kickarse 

I have had some amazing messages telling me to keep my spirits up.

Truthfully I don’t think anyone is surprised that I am still smiling & joking despite the blip.

It isn’t ideal. At 4am this morning I certainly wasn’t feeling too great but I am glad that we came in. I passed out momentarily in A&E on my Dad which must have worried him.

At the end of the day it is better to be safe than sorry so I am glad I spoke to them and so very glad that they work to ensure nothing is wrong. It might not be home but least in hospital they will sort me out so I can get home and get back to kicking cancers arse in a bit more comfort lol. There is nothing like your own bed and OH how I would love a bubble bath right now !

My tummy isn’t great.I feel like I have eaten metallic tasting cotton wool and have tubes dangling from my hand but it is just all part of the journey and since I am determined to do what I need to beat this I will take the small blips along the way.

My Dad brought my kids in which was a terrific tonic.  They chattered away telling me all about their days and it felt so very normal it really made me smile.

Well nothing is normal for a while is it. But as non normal goes there have to be things to take as positives. Today had some negatives but no point on dwelling on those. So I will take the positives.

I will try to sleep tonight and tomorrow is another day.

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