I am an unstoppable warrior who is strong and fearless.

I am an unstoppable warrior.
I am an unstoppable warrior.

Sometimes it is ok to just think. Breath & think. In my musings I came across this picture and the thoughts started to flow.

There are moments when you feel so very blessed to have some truly great things in your life.

I am blessed with amazing children. They are worried right now but they will be fine. They have great support around them too.

I am blessed with amazing family. Right now my moods switch about. On the whole I’m positive and upbeat but sometimes I am scratchy and they are coping amazingly whilst also coping with fears and worry of their own.

My family have stepped up to help with my kids which is worth it’s weight in gold. Thanks Mum. I won’t be guilt tripped into thinking there is any weakness in accepting the help and support of my family or friends either. I realise there are people out there without it and realise how lucky I am but I will accept that help. You are welcome to come do my ironing lol.

I am so blessed to have some amazing friends. I have learnt just how many friends and connections I have around me who care but some of those are extra special. Right now I need those that will help boost my energy and support me while I live in battle mode. Get a little crazy if need be. I’m happy to lead that charge just ask my mate that came to Chemo day with me about the floppy dog slippers and Minnie Ears on the Chemo ward lol.

I know this journey won’t be easy for some of the people around me but I hope my smile and positivity in the face of Cancer battle help them too. I thank you all.

Life hasn’t stopped. I can’t stop the boat cos I have cancer. School, work, business, etc it all goes on and so it must. I live in a twilight world now where that normality exists alongside the reality of me fighting cancer.

There’s been a lot going on. This time last month was Christmas Day in Disney. I was coming to terms with my diagnosis. Since then there has been so much to process, learn, take on board and it feels like not much time to just breath sometimes. I’m not drowning in it because I’m determined to remain in battle mode, positive and upbeat but that in itself is kind of tiring.

I am amazed I have laughed so much.
I am amazed I haven’t cried more.
I am amazed I have actually felt so calm.
I am amazed I didn’t dye my hair pink and purple ages ago.
I am amazed how many people care about me – it’s humbling.
I’m amazed at times that I am functioning ok.
I am amazed how each step, each new day I grow just a little and learn so much more about myself.
I have developed Jedi like clarity of the world around me especially people – it’s really wierd.
I am feeling a bit Carpe Diem.
Watch out world.
I am an unstoppable warrior with an army of love and support behind me!

Watch out Cancer.

Bring more damn cake !!!


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