I can and I will

This is your life so love it and live it.

No one ever said it was supposed to be easy.

If you want rewards, good things – then work to make them happen. When people achieve success more often than not it’s hard work not luck that got them there.

We do not ask for adversity in life but when faced with it there are only two choices. To rise up in the face of adversity and be braver and stronger than we thought possible or to allow it to defeat us.

Choose to be strong.

Choose to live.

Choose to live by choice.

Choose to make change not excuses.

Choose to be motivated, to be useful.

Choose to be strong and brave.

Choose to laugh and see positives.

Choose to excel not just compete.

Choose self esteem not self pity.

Choose life.

Say I can and I will !!

Every day choose to be the best you can be.

It isn’t always easy. You are entitled to feel fear or doubt at times. We don’t always get to choose the path we travel but we do get to decide how to face the journey.


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