Jamming and baking days. Apple and raspberry jam.

Today I needed to get my creative powers going but it’s tough getting the sewing machine out with the kids around so culinary creativity is the best option.  I had apples left over from our trip to Brockhampton Estate which seriously needed using and a huge tub of fresh raspberries so the answer was easy.  Jam!


Apple is high in pectin as are most berries including raspberries so they are perfect for jam.  The recipe was basically : –
500g apples peeled, cored, diced
250g raspberries
750g jamming sugar
Juice 1 lemon
75ml water

Soften the apples and raspberries in a large pan with the lemon and water for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Add the sugar and continue to boil until the sugar is melted then rapidly for approximately 5 minutes.


You can test for setting by putting a spoon of jam on to a small plate cooling in the fridge.  If after a minute or two it starts to skin and wrinkle when you push it then it’s right.  If not continue to boil for another minute or so and test again.


Your jam jars have to be sterilised and heated.  I wash mine in the dishwasher on high then stick them in the oven in a tray to warm.

Once your jam is ready use a large spoon or ladle to fill your jars then seal them tightly.  You are supposed to put a ring of paper on top but mine gets used so quickly I don’t bother. 


I also baked my favourite ginger loaf cake today too. My best mate is coming to stay tomorrow and it’s her favourite cake too. I love this recipe.  So easy and yet a wonderful cake.  I will add the recipe another day.

Update following morning toast with yummy jam xxx

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