Jan 24th – Chemo Day

Tonya Cancer Journey - Minnie Ears & HeadphonesReal life problems ! Do the headphones still fit on the head with the Minnie Ears ??

It is Chemo Day. I had trouble getting my thoughts together this morning. You have to take these steroid tablets the day before Chemo Day and you know what those little buzzers really come with a kick.

I hardly slept last night. My body was full of energy. I kept getting up and moving things about and checking facebook and rechecking my bag then getting back into bed and trying to snooze …… again and again. I think I did sleep but finally I got up and had a bath.

My mum and my friend drove me into hospital. We left at 7:45am. They were killing themselves laughing. I was sort of high. Check out my first video. I think it say’s it all. The video is at the bottom of the post.

The hardest part of the morning was waiting then having the cannula put in. I hate needles so the thought of needles makes me unhappy. Anyway that went in pretty easy in the end. First IV bag went up.

So as it turns out they were not wrong when they said it was going to be a long day. As it is my first Chemo day between each of the Chemo chemicals they have to wait for a bit to check to see if I have any allergic reaction to the chemical. I didn’t and now that has been established next time we won’t have those waits so it will be a quicker day. All in door to door it was a 13 hour day. That was a long day in that room. It isn’t a particularly cheerful room…. definitely screaming out for some bright paint, maybe a mural or something. I put my showtunes on for a while but Tonya Cancer Journey - Blanket timetruthfully having people there at the start really helped. It was fab that my Mum was there then my friend stayed for the day. We might not be Ant & Dec but we make a pretty hilarious duo.

The IV wasn’t painful and honestly it was all a little boring. The funniest part was me being high as a kite on the steroid buzz and becoming rather fascinated with the working of the chair. It was one of those recliner chairs with buttons to make the footrest come up and the back go down. Check out the video LOL.

I did crash about mid afternoon. I pulled my blanket over me and started to suddenly felt really tired.

I probably went a bit quieter too. Though I still rocked the red lipstick and of course the red top. The Minnie Ears took a rest. My head was aching a bit. Didn’t feel much like eating but thankfully there were lots of cups of tea. I do need to remember to take a drinking bottle next time though.

I became used to the difference between the red bags showing the chemo chemical were different from the other drip bags.

So many patients came through the ward today. The staff are absolutely amazing. So happy to answer questions and really patient. I think I brought a smile to some of the more elderly patients and our laughter definitely provided some entertainment. Everyone laughed at my fluffy dog slippers. Back story on the slippers – promised my son that I would wear them to keep my feet cosy, comfy and warm.  I realise I could have lied to him and told him I wore them but kept them in my bag but I kept the promise and oh actually they were really comfy.

Anyway watch the video and I will post the end of day video on the next post

Video 1 on Chemo Day – Start of the Day

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