Jan 25th Chemo Day 2 – End of Day Update – Make up on !

Tonya jan 25 Chemo Day 2Chemo Day 2 update – Jan 25th
Chemo Day 2. Feeling a bit spaced out on all the drugs and the other drugs counterbalancing the big drugs and the drugs dealing with the symptoms of the other drugs and on a high still from steroid Buzz so funny old day really.
Mouth feels …. fuzzy…. dry… like a cat fireball lives there and I’m glad I bought bonjella in the baby aisle in the supermarket yesterday.

I put some make up on cos you know what it made me feel better !!! The splash of lipstick always picks me up.

I am going to add some extra pink to my hair after the bath too !!! cos I can right now lol

I wore my big girl pants and administered the#zarzio #filgrastim injection myself under the protective eye of a Paramedic ( handy friend to have) and despite hating needles with a passion it wasn’t too bad and I reckon I can cope with those myself no problem! 

Thank you to my friendly paramedic.

I have taken a full concoction of assorted drugs and to dispel the big pharma conspiracy big pharma are the ones who in the last 10 years have worked on and released some of these extra drugs which help deal with the symptoms of the #chemo drugs making the chemo treatment easier to cope with. I know this has helped boost those survival rates up to a very high number by making that tough treatment a bit easier to deal with. 

Its crap feeling ill & it can be quite demoralizing so having drugs to help relieve the symptoms while at the same time doing what you can to boost your body with fruit, veg & carbs too to give you energy has to be a good thing to help with the fight and positive attitude you need to have.

So I’m ok….. bit shaky, achey and spaced out.
Running a bath as a soak will make me feel good then plan to update blog and get some sleep and see what Day 3 brings.
Bring it on !
I can do this.

Thank you to my mum & Dad though who are doing the school run this week and having the kids sleep over for a few days.  Family and friends that will help out are invaluable. Do not be afraid to ask and do not let anyone guilt trip you into thinking you have to be strong and tough it out alone.

I realise how lucky we are as a family that we are close, have a strong bond and can do that for each other. It is a really lovely positive in situations like this & I won’t carry any guilt for that positive in our lives. #familyfirst always. And then the family we choose for ourselves.

Been great to have my friend here this week. Any other mates want to offer to be Chemo day buddies are welcome ha ha
That’s all 

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