Jan 25th Chemo Day 2 The Morning After

Wishing I was back in the sunshine in Disney this morning !!

That was my first thought this morning.

Quickly followed by – how do I feel ?

I held that image in my mind of the view from the balcony at the hotel in Disney World. A month ago that is where I was. Today a month later I have just had my first Chemo treatment. A little over 6 weeks after diagnosis.

That’s fast. That is a lot to take in. So much to adjust to. So much to process. No wonder my head spins sometimes.

So how did I feel. Oddly ok? Which felt a bit like an anticlimax and you can’t help hope that it means my body is going to breeze this, followed by OMG when is the crash going to hit. It is of course possible that the steroid buzz is holding off lots of the symptoms.

As the day wore on I did have a few shaky patches and I ache but apart from feeling full of chemicals and a bit spaced out I am feeling ok.

Don’t feel like doing much, I think sometimes you need to give yourself some time to just let it all sink in. I felt like I had taken a gazillion tablet’s this morning. On top of the chemo drugs you get all these drugs designed to combat the symptoms of the treatment. Some of these are relatively new drugs and I feel absolutely sure that these increase your chances of coping with the treatment and let’s face it the next few months is an exercise in strength, willpower and positivity.

I feel battle ready, I have felt that for a while but being in this perpetual state of battle readiness and dealing with all this new information as well as coping with normal life too is surreal and exhausting. Probably important not to push yourself too much. Listen to the advice being given by the healthcare team who are great and take the moments you can to take stock, relax and recharge both physically and emotionally.

Toady’s morning video is fun. You might appreciate my comments about ironing & friends.  There’s potentially a limit to where friendship will stretch LOL.

Glad to have friends pop in and deliver lunch. Another bonus was my friend’s hubby (also a friend of course) is actually a paramedic so under his watchful eye I learnt how to administer my injection by myself. Feeling good !

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