Jan 26th Chemo Day 3 Morning – Fab Hair & Amazing Friends

Tonya Warrior in a red dress fighting cancer with pink hairIts day 3 #chemo so I’m sort of waiting for this shit to hit. I’m off to a concert tonight. Cancer can go do one. I’m not stopping living and that’s that ! This won’t beat me or suddenly turn me into a negative depressed person – that’s just not me. I’m the double shot of whisky !!

My friend who transformed my hair into the incredible pink came over with kale smoothie & cake and ended up touching up the pink in my hair. No chemicals near my scalp so no panic and it’s great to get a boost. You can check out her Instagram . She is absolutely amazing.  @megansplacesalon.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. I believe that. Some things are meant to be part of your story and some people too. Some people come just at the right time and make exactly the right impact.

The girl who I went to transform my hair has just been one of those amazing people I am grateful to have met at exactly the right time and who I know I will become firm friends with. It just happens that way sometimes doesn’t it.

Right now I absolutely know that the people who will really make a difference will be those that bring real positivity  and energy to me. Who boost my own positive mood and help me keep that fight alive.

It is physically, emotionally and mentally draining going through the process of taking all this new information in, trying to keep life together, getting battle ready, being battle ready, being positive and strong and generally just being every day.  Having people around you who help to keep you motivated, remind you that you got this, bring cake, come with an hour spare to chat and tidy up for you, run an errand or a million and one other things are just invaluable.

Once I had added some pink lipstick and some make up I felt so amazing. I may as well rock the hair while I have it right.

Truthfully I didn’t know how I would feel.I still think today it hasn’t really hit me and part of me is waiting for that but I am happy to go day by day and take today as a positive. I felt well enough to get up, stick the lipstick on and go out as planned to a concert night. I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow but that won’t stop me living today.

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This morning’s video

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