Leo the Lion joins the gang.

Say hello to Leo the Lion.  A new animal to join our gang at TOTZ HQ.


I made this Lion which will live here at TOTZ HQ with us from 6 of my son’s old Tshirts.  I only needed one half of the Tshirt so really I suppose it was only 3 Tshirts fully used.  They were age 4 or 5 Tshirts.  Lion took more time to make than a bear and there were couple seams unpicked but the effort was totally worth it.


There are almost double the amount of pieces than bear and they are smaller and fiddlier so I am going to put him on my page at slightly higher price. The pattern is from funky friends website which you can use to make and sell so no problems on copyright.


He’s been a roaring success though and already been snuggled in bed with my son.  Roarrrrrr the lion sleeps at my house.

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