Love Life & Play

I joined the kids playing in the fountains by the river 2 days after my surgery.

You only get one life to live in. Make the most of it.

If I had things I would say to people after having gone through this journey with Cancer so far it would be this:

Live your life. Don’t waste a moment in negativity. Who told you life was supposed to be easy, without hardship, trouble, pain or grief. It isn’t like that. Life is supposed to be a journey along a crazy paving path with lumps, bumps, cracks and weeds. Now and then we will fall but the main point is that we get back up. We are not defeated by a crazy path, we make it to the end. We might have skinned our knees a few times, cried, stumbled and fallen but we make it – we make it as far down that path as possible and we do it skipping, smiling, loving, laughing and enjoying the journey. Whinge less people. Take life’s lemons and make lemonade or lemon cake or lemon curd. When the storms come put on your boots and dance in the puddles.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel stronger and better. The expression someone else’s circus someone else’s monkey is so true. Don’t let people put their monkey’s on your back. Live !!!

Really live. Experience life. It doesn’t all have to cost money. Rolling down a grass bank just for fun doesn’t cost a thing but will make you feel really silly and funny and alive.

Write that Bucket list. Don’t call it a bucket list if you hate that. Call it a list of things to do in life. That could include raising money for a charity, helping a random stranger, doing a good deed, giving blood, climbing a tree, swimming a lake, running a race ……. or travelling to a far off destination. It doesn’t matter what is on your list – it is your list. The point is live life. See the sun rise or set or both, fill your lungs with life and breathe deep because you never know when that life won’t be there.

Face life’s challenges with bravery and positivism. In fact face life with bravery and as positive mental attitude as possible every day. Look for positives. Enjoy that first coffee or cup of tea in the morning, hug yoir loved ones just because you can.

Friends will come and go but do yourself a favour keep the ones around that really lift you up. That help bring the wind under your wings.

Wear that best dress, those expensive jewels and be bold and fearless. Eat the cake and worry less.

Just worry less generally. Worry less about what other people think. That is their problem. Be passionate about everything you do and care about the people around you but don’t control them. Enable them to live their best lives too.

If you are living your best life they will want to be part of that.

Give freely. There is a lot of joy in the giving. Support your local charities, community and people. These are your tribe. We get busy but it is always worth having time to sit with a friend who needs to talk or walk that 5 miles to raise money for a good cause and these things will help you feel alive & of value.

Create ! It doesn’t matter what it is but be creative. Take photos, draw, paint, write, sew, weld, stick ….. it doesn’t matter what it is but being creative helps make us feel as if we can accomplish things. It can give us a sense of well being and that helps us feel good. If you have never baked a cake then add that to your list and have a go and keep having a go until it is the most awesome cake you have ever eaten. In other words don’t give up.

Never give up on your dreams or your life. Bad things happen but good can come. There are always positives.

I wasn’t jumping about like the kids that day by the fountain but it was still fun and I was smiling. I spent that day in the company of someone who definitely makes me feel better & stronger & happier. I had a great lunch in the sun and I splashed in the fountains 3 days after having my right breast completely removed.

I could sit in bed and cry. I feel like crying. I hate that I lost my breast. Lost a part of my body. I feel suddenly less like a whole woman. Less attractive and less symmetrical and that feels wrong as well as painful. But I am alive. I am kicking cancer’s arse and I am alive. I am alive and plan to be so I am not  crying I am splashing in the fountain and smiling.

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