Love life and my babies.

Love winters days but there is one thing this time of year makes me think about.  No it isn’t Christmas.  It’s the birth of my baby boy.  Zachary was born at 29 weeks.  That is almost 3 months premature.  My experience giving birth to him wasn’t exactly run of the mill vi was pretty out of it and the following few weeks were some of the most emotionally charged days of my entire life.  That experience changed me.  Becoming a mother has changed me but that few weeks definitely had an impact on me.
He fought for life. As he fought for life I discovered a love that I will fight for all my life. Of course that tiny baby who fought so hard for life is a strapping young man who is soon to be 8. He has made me a better person. More thoughtful less selfish. He has taught me I can’t control life or how it pans out and sometimes we just have to go with the flow. He has helped change my life in so many ways that I really do realise how lucky I am to enjoy the simple things.
It is mostly because of him that I had his sister who brought a very different baby experiences and a new world of things to learn and love.

Yes I am very lucky to be me have all the things I love and have these two wonderful people in my life helping me to remember to laugh every day and simply live in the moment. And of course this week I have a birthday cake to plan and buy supplies for lol.

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