Love the little things in life – school run time

Love the little things in life.

Suddenly when you are fighting for life you realise it isn’t always the big things you are fighting for, it is the little things. The things you might not have thought about as important before.

I used to moan about the school run, Now I love being able to do school run. I love being well enough to be here outside waiting to be the person the kids see when they come out of school.

Today I am doing the school run and love it.

I also spent few hrs at work today. I loved that too. In future I will balance that with my life in general slightly better but I do love my job and the people I work with. It was great to see them today.

It wore me out mind you. It will take me a while until I am up to full speed. Quite a long while I suspect but hey I am just grateful to be here still fighting and being able to do the normal things like the school run.

Fell asleep on sofa at 6pm. I tired myself out obviously.  Slower day tomorrow.

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