Nappies and things

Baby things can be expensive so here’s a few tips that I have learnt.

Don’t spend a fortune on branded things unless they are absolute worth it. For example the very best nappy cream in the world is Sudacrem.

Not just for when there is a rash though when there is this tackles even the worst really brilliantly. I have used it with both mine and apart from teething badly or ill hardly any nappy rash at all.

Nappies are expensive. Pampers are without doubt brilliant but not cheap so look for bargains. Of the store brands the absolute best are toujours from Lidl. They are cost effective too. The newly released summer 2013 version is slimmer and better. Just brilliant. The toujours wipes are excellent too and at under £1 for a large pack are also the best priced. Nappy bags though cheaper the better. Don’t be fooled buy the cheap smart priced ones.
Buggies. Well need I say more. There are so many. The best at the start are the travel systems because you probably need a car seat too. A pram system with a clip in and out car seat when they are tiny is invaluable but once again you don’t have to spend a fortune. Very quickly you will find yourself wanting something smaller and lighter. I went back to my trusty old McLaren and love it.

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