Ohh naughty elf antics

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13th December

A night in a hotel and that elf poured toothpaste out and emptied all the sachets of coffee.  Basically a mess on the dresser. 

14th December
Here’s how to make sure you get your 5 a day.  Break into the Christmas orange box.

15th December
Emptying my larder draw might have seemed fun but I had to put everything back. Mind you it did prompt a spot of cleaning and reorganisation which is never a bad thing.

16th December
Sticker book fun. Lego city too which is just brilliant.

17th December
Cereal offender!

18th December
Bit worse for wear slumped over a glass the morning after breaking into mummy’s mulled ginger wine lol. Drunken lego men and snacks everywhere.

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