Pink !!!! Pink dresses

First let me be very clear here.  I don’t like pink on me.  I own no pink clothes or accessories. It doesn’t suit my skin tone. A colour me beautiful (remember them?) consultation way back in 1991 (oh gosh that long ago! ) confirmed me to be a blue tone. I suit blue’s.

PhotoGrid_1406474058364If I wear green it has to be a blue tone green same with pink and red. I’m not adverse to it as a colour but it’s not a favourite. I will confess however to bright hot sexy pink towels in my bathroom and not sure why but a bright pink colander in my kitchen. He he. It’s a pretty colour in nature. In flowers and sunsets and animals but it looks better with other colours. Ok so not a massive pink fan.

So then I go and have a pink flavoured baby.

A baby girl. I have a boy and loved all the cute little boy clothes and oh the thought of pink glitter dresses just seemed all wrong. I swore that I would not be seen dressing her in pink. She would wear blue and purple and girly things in colours I loved. There was a cute summer sailor outfit in pink and blue but I was adamant these pink outfits would be a rare thing. All perfectly fine until age 2 she totally confounds me with an unexpected love of pink! She is a total doll. Very very girly. Loves shoes to the point of obsession and hair accessories and. … pink! So here I am admitting I’ve had to give just a little and embrace a tiny bit of pink.

IIMG_20140712_034711 have found myself searching for and yes buying pink fabric and yes making pink dresses.

They have to be just about acceptable to me so I did lots of searching and found ones I like. she loves them all.

IIMG_20140708_053547n fact when deliveries arrive there is a massive amount of excitement and some hugging of fabrics lol.

I chose a pretty Burda summer dress pattern and also made up a simple short top style dress with a zipper. Burda are one of the only big commercial makers of patterns that say it’s ok to use their patterns to make and sell clothes not just for personal use.

I PhotoGrid_1405202718976made the summer strap dress twice. Once in blue with pink flowers and again in a pale pink. The pale pink dress is my daughters absolute favourite and I love this pattern. I plan to make some of these to sell.

I used a lovely pink fabric with a gold starburst with my pattern and I love this dress so much. Oh yes I admit it despite it being pink I love it and I love it on her. I bought this fabric from a quilt and craft fabric shop in Malvern called Stitch 45. It’s slightly weightier than normal dress fabric but still thin enough to wear and has a lovely brushed soft cotton feel to it.

TPhotoGrid_1405959647961he final pink dress and my absolute favourite is the same pattern using a Michael Miller wee wanderer fabric. This one is called whisper woods in pink. It is so pretty.
Am I converted to pink? No! It’s still not my favourite but I must confess I like the fabrics I chose and love the dresses. I do hope she outgrows her love of pink but in the meantime I will cope and maybe even love just a little. As parents we make concessions for our kids and sometimes we learn from them too !

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