A pink tulle party dress plus general thoughts on pink.

2015 TOTZ3-001February 2016 seemed to have an awful lot of pink in it. Now everyone who knows me knows that I pretty much don’t do pink. It isn’t that I hate it I just prefer blue. I don’t suit pink as a colour to wear and really don’t much like pink clothes in general not just on me but also on other people. My daughter however seems to have been born with an innate love of pink. She is uber girly. When I tell people this their reaction is “oh all little girls love pink” then they look at me strangely when my reply is “well I didn’t !”. My mum is the same, neither of us like pink and my Mum tells me if she had offered to paint my bedroom pink when I was a kid I would have hated it. So suffice to say the love of pink is not actively encouraged in my house. My daughter knows I don’t like it as a colour but is fairly clear on the fact that she does. I am grown up enough to accept that people are different and like different things and although our children do tend to be influenced by us sometimes they also make choices for themselves. This is her choice.

IMG_20160123_171242So here’s the thing. As a Mum it is my job to let my children grow into their own personalities, learn to express their own likes and dislikes and as battles go the battle over her love of pink is one that I am not sure is worth winning. I don’t encourage it but I have allowed my daughter to express her love of this colour which means yes although I wouldn’t choose pink myself and yes when she was born I was quite vocal about the fact that i wouldn’t be encouraging any pink in her life she went and confounded me by making her own mind up. Imagine that ! So I confess under a certain amount of pressure I have bought pink fabric and made pink dresses and tops and recently we even painted one of her bedroom walls pink.

In embracing this part of my daughters personality I even begrudgingly realised that her choices were not always bad. I absolutely fell in love for example with the Michael Miller Whisper Woods range of fabrics which included the adorable pink border print with children catching fireflies that I turned into a lovely pink day dress. I now seem to have a growing collection of pink fabrics in my hoarde and have noticed an awful lot of pink sewing passing through my machine.

Instagram collage of pinkness
Instagram collage of pinkness

I made a baby pink satin & tulle part dress for a friends daughter and must confess that it was lush. It dominated my instagram account for a while which turned a delightful shade of baby pink which I didn’t hate as much as I thought I would. I matched baby pink thread and even found that the memory bear I made that week was also a baby pink bear.

Picking the perfect shade of pink paint.
Picking the perfect shade of pink paint.

Ok I confess it I absolutely love this dress. I love the little tilted sleeves that it has and the gorgeous full skirt. The pink sequin hologram tulle was really pretty. We did a bit of a photo shoot at the local library (the dress was made age 4 so just fitted my daughter so she could model it) & the dress looked gorgeous on. I even promised her that I would make her a pink satin party dress later this year as she was quite sad when I parcelled this one up to send it to my friend.

2016-03-15_11-31-27I must admit I enjoyed picking the perfect shade of pink paint at B&Q for the bedroom painting. We took Minnie Mouse with us and guess what they actually had the absolutely perfect match ! I loved that my daughter was so excited to be decorating her bedroom just the way she wanted & let’s be clear here – it is her bedroom !! Not mine !! If she absolutely want’s it pink then it is her choice and me letting her have that choice is actually very important. Finally I must admit that when it was finished it was actually really sort of nice. It is bright and fresh and my daughter is made up. I love my daughter very very very much so if that means loving pink just a tiny bit and living with it a bit too I can do that.

Yes I admit it my daughter actually looks cute in pink. Not too much pink mind you but just an accent of pink it turns out is quite nice. It is actually a cheerful and pretty colour in nature so I am not surprised she loves it. What’s more she has reminded me not to be so closed minded which is a very good thing.


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