Pirate cosplay costume

My son’s school summer gala is Pirate themed.  They have the Pirate of the Carribean theme as the main song so when it came to planning a costume I knew this one would be fun.

We searched the pattern websites and found a Burda pattern for a boys pirate costume.

My son said straight away that he wanted the jacket. So I ordered gold braid and a deep red velvet fabric from eBay sellers and awaited delivery.
And waited. And waited. Hmmm sometimes the problem with eBay is things don’t arrive on time or when expected or at all. The gold braid arrived but no fabric. Clock ticking I opened a dispute with seller of fabric and had to make an emergency fabric purchase.

So here we are. Deep red with black pattern swirls and gold braid at the ready.

The pattern pieces are quite straightforward so that part was easy. I also found I had thread a perfect colour. So the next step is to start sewing.

Came across a problem with the gold braid. As soon as you start to cut it the whole thing frayed and unravelled. I had a great idea to use glue but this made the braid stiff and hard to sew. In the end my mum came to my rescue with the idea of sewing across it before I cut. Phewwww I was about to give up on the braid!
I also changed the pattern slightly and decided in some places to have the braid go from seam to seam rather than in short lengths. This means the ends are enclosed in the seam and less bulky plus less likely to fray.

I did this on the pockets and then on the cuffs I alternated which in the end I think will look fab.

Once I had started to assemble I could begin to imagine what it will look like and am loving the red fabric. I sewed the braid onto the fabric with a single line of stitching down the middle of the braid using black thread.

I must confess I sort of ad libbed when it came to placement. The only thing I did find was it’s thinner and less weighty than the velvet would have been so it needs interfacing to stiffen it a bit. The cuffs and inside facings had iron on interfacing anyway but I also decided to sew in medium weight interfacing on the jacket front.

This should mean the jacket will feel more like a jacket than a shirt. I left it un interfaced on the back as then it won’t be too hot and I decided the stiffness wasn’t so important on the back.

I finished up with all the pieces ready to assemble with the braid all sewn on. At this point I had to take a break ( go to bed) getting to this point has taken better part of the day. Probably about 5 hours.
part two assembly

The first stage of assembly was sewing the pocket flaps on. Because of the braid I decided to top stitch the pocket flap down too so that it lay flat on the jacket front.

I am chuffed with the sleeve cuffs. I will confess I also deviated from the pattern here too. I top stitched the top cuff seam again to hold the braid more securely and also to create a professional finish. Then I stitched the bottom of the cuff inside out so there was no hand at Itchington and no seam inside.
In fact I decided to top stitch all around the front seam to finish the seam and make it lie flat. I also decided that to hide where the braid had been folded and stitched in short lengths maybe buttons would work. Out came my nana’s old button tin.

I think all nana’s probably have a box or tin of old buttons. I found some fab metallic buttons that will add a lovely finishing touch.

I sewed a few on and they do indeed look great.

The jacket was then finished according to pattern instructions and I am chuffed with the end result. At the last minute I decided to cut up an old white shirt and create sleeve ruffles to go underneath. The whole thing is great. About 12 hours of cutting and sewing in total.

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