Post Surgery Loo Hilarity

Just been to the toilet.

Had to go on a scooter for grannies as the morphine is making me wobbly.

It’s better to be wobbly than in pain tho so scoot me to the Loo.

A night in hospital is the best place after something like major surgery but its also not the best nights sleep you will ever have.

The night staff are truly lovely. One of the sister’s held my hand as I wept for the loss I felt. It is only a body part. A part that was trying to kill me so needed to go but I still feel the need to mourn it’s loss.

It wasn’t the pain that made me cry it was loss. I am not whole. I am forever changed.

Cancer has changed me. It has changed me forever.

It will make me stronger and more alive.

But I still cried and I still laughed.

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