PreSurgery Meeting

Today was 1st pre surgery meeting.

There was measuring and talking and way more in terms of options and to think about than expected.

Truthfully it felt a bit overwhelming. 

It’s almost bamboozling so they give you 2 weeks to think, read the material and come back. Meanwhile the surgeons have a proper discussion and also come up with their best case scenarios.

Mine will be full Mastectomy with lymph nodes extraction. The area is roughly 18cm which is a lot. But hey #chooselife #lifeisamazing.

After surgery there will be radiotherapy and more chemo.

Surgery will probably be mid June. So I get 4 weeks to recover from last chemo round. Feels quicker than expected but may as well get on with it.

So I’m going to let it all sink in. Read the info and in the meantime get ready for the last round of chemo in this cycle. Starting tonight with a hot chocolate and choc truffles treat. I totally deserve it I think.

It was good having my girl there today. Omg she’s a mini me. She doesn’t do mad or sad either and totally lifted me despite her being full of a cold. Ha together we are more happy than most people can probably handle lol.


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