Radiotherapy Confirmation

Waiting room fun while we wait for Oncology Consultant.


Because of the aggressive nature of my Breast Cancer and the triple positive status of my Diagnosis it was confirmed today that I will have to have 3 weeks of radiotherapy treatment. It will be every day for 3 weeks. Thankfully less stressful and not quite as tough on the body as chemo but every day back to Worcs Hospital won’t exactly be fun.

So glad the garden is sorted and I will have somewhere to relax before and after each treatment. Not looking forward to it but as always I accept the necessary evil.

Also today I start my Tamoxifen Hormone Therapy Treatment. I will take this for 2 years initially. This is to help prevent recurrence and keep me in remission. It’s given to patients who’s cancer diagnosis is estrogen and progesterone positive. Mine was highly positive so the Tamoxifen will block breast cancer cell growth associated with these hormones by blocking creation and activity of the hormones in my body.

Yup that means like it or not I will go into the menopause. This diagnosis must be a real blow for young women who haven’t had kids and want them. I feel very fortunate that I have my two beautiful children.

I coped with chemo I can cope with Menopause. In fact menopause without chemo as well will be so much easier lol.

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